Thursday, December 27, 2007

holiday wrapup

Greetings! Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Everyone liked the socks - Ash wore hers around the house from the time she opened them until she went to bed 8 hours later! This is a good sign, considering she is always barefoot at home. I finished D's Twinkle Toes on Saturday but forgot to take a pic of the completed pair. Oh well.

I gave my grandparents the crocheted 'sampler' afghan (yes, I do hook!) in the neutrals that was my spring project this past year, and the red/white/blue ripple went to my uncle. He's got long legs and was very happy with the extra long lap robe! Now I have requests for three more...eep! Lancer wants a baby blanket, so I started a pastel Rambling Rows on Christmas Day while watching the Bourne series - all three movies - at my brother's house. I have some time *cough*, as the baby's due in June. Sis-in-law wants one for the upstairs living room, which I have a feeling will be in cream or a very light sage, and I haven't nailed the pattern yet. L&R's will be another Rambling Rows, but in the medium size and in brown shades. She told me her accent was ORANGE! No no no. I refuse to make an orange afghan. Way too 70's for me.

Still working on the yellow and blue Jaywalkers for me. I have been instructed to wear them to the hockey game in Feb - my nephews (and their mom and dad) gave me a Blues 'Away' jersey (!!!!) and two tickets to the game on Feb 17. Jamboy is playing on the Scottrade Center ice before the Blues game, so I'll get to see the Mites as well as the Big Guys. LOL! Roo said the colors in the Jaywalkers were in 'Blues Colors' and that I must wear them to the games. So I must!

Yarn! I did get a ball before Christmas from Weaving Dept and yesterday's present from Dharmafey was in the mail :)
  • A 150g (420m) ball of Opal 6-fach "Blues" superwash wool/nylon in color 2020 (blue, yellow, pink, aqua, black, white). It's supposed to be a sportweight, but it seems thin for that. It's a self-striping as pictured.
  • A 100g ball of superwash merino/nylon sock yarn in the colorway Goblet of Fire (orange sherbet, light brown, tan, cream, lime green).

The little 'extra' that Carrie added in the Potter Covers shipment was a puzzle at first - but I guessed what they were. They are two tilted 'spikes' threaded onto a black elastic cord. The spikes are about three inches long. At first, I thought they were supposed to be dragon teeth, but they're HORNS! LOL!! They're tilted so that they lean forward on your head. Very funny!!! They'll help keep my halo in place. ;) I'm not certain about the pattern - I think I'll need to knit up a repeat or two to see if the 'scales' are supposed to be pointing up or pointing down. I'm liking the toe-up method at the moment.

The second half of the Jo Rowling interview is up on PotterCast - very interesting stuff!


Nuff said. Also, lots of new songs and stuff on the SwishandFilk site, and you should check out the Christmas Music Extravaganza on Lime & Violet's blog/site/podcast. The Fanboy Christmas II is an absolute laugh riot.

Not much else going on here - we're supposed to go see National Treasure 2 on Sunday, and then do something on NYE. PK says she's off work on NYD, but I may be heading out to see Roo or Jamboy play hockey in Chesterfield. No funky-tasting champagne this year!

Off to do paperwork - we've been having some trouble with one of the programs here, and we're stuck till it's fixed, so we've been doing catch-up on everything else. Yay!


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