Sunday, December 16, 2007

yarn and snow

Just a quickie - I managed to make it over to Knitty Couture on the way home in the snow last night and of course I got yarn:
  • 2 50g balls of Interlacements Yarns "Tiny Toes" 100% superwash merino in Stained Glass (burgundy, chocolate brown, dark green, navy, dark yellow, wine)
  • 4oz hank of Cherry Tree Hill "Supersock Solids" 100% superwash merino in Amethyst for D. She wasn't too - well, enthused about the light color of the other purple yarn I bought, and so this is PURPLE. The pic shows a very blue yarn, but trust me, it itsn't.

It snowed until about 2 I think (I was asleep) but we ended up with 8 inches of the white stuff! Take a look:

I took Plu for a walk, and ran into 2 other dog-walkers, over across the street in the field, so we let them all loose to chase around in the snow. He lasted about 5 minutes with Chloe and Francesco and then decided enough was enough and took off for home. At least I know he knows where he lives! He was waiting for me at the back gate. LOL!

Thi over at Knitty Couture has a Sunday knit-gather group - I told her I'd come on Sundays after the holidays. I didn't want to go out today because of the roads (would you believe the sun is shining brightly? oi.) and next week is Christmas at D & Co.'s house. I like that shop - and Thi (the owner) is really cheery. :) They have a newsletter out now - it's linked on her blog over at her website. I've got it linked in the sidebar.

PotterCast has a 'blog' contest going on - if you put the player/banner on your blog and then talk about the podcast IN your blog, you can win stuff. So, click on my banner! At the time of this post, they have the Fan Film Commentary for Order of the Phoenix up for download. I haven't had a chance to listen/watch it yet, but that's on the agenda in the next few days. I did post some thoughts about PotterCast #128 over on the Leaky Cauldron forum if anyone is interested.

I've managed to get sucked into the Back To The Future trilogy that's airing on HBO this afternoon - I loved the first one, didn't like the second one, and loved the third one. My mom's favorite line is from the end of the first movie: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." She likes Doc Brown! Great Scott! That's heavy. ;-)

I'm gonna go before I sit here and type lines from the movies. Cheers!!

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