Saturday, December 15, 2007

sock pics!

Well, I finally got around to taking pictures. Yay! It's snowing like crazy outside, we're falling asleep here at work, and so here ya go. Eye candy except for the secret socks. I'll post those after the recipient gets them!

First off: Kesh's Socks

Blurry close up of Twinkle Toes stitches:

Next: Ash's Socks

Blurry close up of Zephyr stitch pattern:

Next up, PK's socks:

and a blurry heel and lace pattern:


I'm currently working on some Jaywalkers for myself out of the TeamFeet (Pinkwool) Oops colorway (yellow, dark blue, green inclusions) and so here's the leg so far:

Magic loop, cuff-down, yadda yadda.

Not much else going on here - I did manage to finally mail off the OMG scarf, so L will be getting that hopefully before the next blizzard ;-)

On the Cardinals front, Jim Edmonds was traded this morning to the Padres for a minor leaguer and cash. Ouch. We also lost Eckstein a few days ago to the Blue Jays. Can you say "reconstruction"? I thought so.

Back to work...cheers!!

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Anonymous said...

You've been a busy girl. Love them all, especially Zephyr. I hate it that Edmonds and Eckstein were traded. It almost feels as though someone died. It is just sooooo sad. - Susan