Saturday, December 8, 2007


Almost to the end of another week. I'm so tired!! I even had a vacation day this week and I'm still pooped.

I finished up the sekret socks and started a pair for L here at work. I've discovered I've become a fiber snob. I had some worsted variegated acrylic (ducks) in a bright colorway for her, and it actually hurt my hands to knit with it. I'm going to have to find something else to use for her socks! I have several bright yellow-orange yarns that I've picked up lately in my search for a good Fawkes sock, so that may be an option. I also could not make socks out of this yarn and make bonafide slippers instead. *ponders this*

I started Kesh's socks - I was going to use the Jaywalker pattern, but since she wants short socks, I didn't like how the heel looked. Soooo....went with a pattern I found on the DIY site from Cookie A. called "Twinkle Toes". It's toe up, and I've not done toe-up for a very long time, so it's interesting. I did do a figure 8 cast-on too - that was new for me. I'm not going to carry the pattern up the leg, or, if I do, it'll just be one pattern repeat (6 rows). This will give me an opportunity to work on my short-row heels, too. Cookie A.'s socks rock. She has several sock patterns published in Knitty, so you should go there now and check them out :)

I did find some pretty purple-y yarn for D's socks at Kirkwood Knittery:
  • 4oz (450yd! woot!) hank of Pagewood Farms superwash merino/nylon/bamboo in colorway Grape Juice (purple/pink shades)

I need to find out if she wants short socks or long socks. If she wants short ones, I may be able to squeeze a few pairs out of this one hank! Maybe some more "Breeze" socks...

My biggest squee this week was winning 4 tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert on Sunday! *jumps up and down!* They're in the Charter executive suite! I called D and asked her what she was doing on Sunday...and when I asked if she wanted to go to see TSO, she shouted "YES!! Oh my god, YES!" into my ear. LOL! Since PK has to work *grumps* it looks like it'll be me, D, Kesh, and possibly Ash. Not sure if Ash will really like this...she's more into country right now. *rolls eyes* [Edit: PK's officially....'sick' tomorrow per her supervisor. heee! So the Fab Four will be me, D, PK, and Ash.]

Not much else happening here - we had a mini-snow/ice event earlier this week, and now it's really foggy and chilly outside. Looks like a good night to curl up on the sofa and knit and listen to wizard rock! ;-) Seriously, I've been listening to Amy's podcast and it's....well, let's just say I'm not into punk, but it's got enough non-punk to keep me listening. LOL! I can't get to her MySpace from work (erm, firewall) but you can get info on this music genre from Google or sites like and the like. From what I understand, the Wizrocklopedia (say THAT 10 times fast. Yikes!) was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly and had a pic of Harry and the Potters. Check it out!

Okay, all done. Cheers!

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Sue said...

Hmm...I like Cookie's socks so I just might have to give Twinkle Toes a try, especially since it's a toe up. Of course, I need to finish the swaeter first...