Saturday, January 26, 2008

yarn ahoy

Danger, Will Robinson!

Got Happy Feet. Yeah yeah, okay, so I got enough for 2 pairs. They were only $6 a hank!

The enhancements for the week:

  • 2 50g hanks of Plymouth Yarn Co. "Happy Feet" (90% superwash merino/10% nylon) in colorway #8 (violet, blue, olive to dark forest green, burgundy to bright red)
  • 2 50g hanks of Plymouth Yarn Co. "Happy Feet" (same as above) in colorway #9 (pink, orange, red, purple, magenta, fuschia, gold) This yarn is waaay soft, and there are a couple of the other colorways I really like.
  • 1 100g ball of Plymouth Yarn Co. "Sockotta" (cotton/SW wool/nylon) in colorway #04 (grey, tan, green, blue, black) Yeah, I know - but I like Sockotta! I think the Horcrux socks I did a few months ago were in Sockotta #20, and the more I look at that, the more I think that was a very Harry color. lol

I bought a replacement mp3 player for my dearly departed Creative Zen Xtra, and it needs a battery. The broken player's battery is just fine, except for the fact that it's at HOME and I'm not. Alas. The new one does power up when plugged into the electrical, but then it stops on the library rebuild. I'm hoping (crosses fingers) that's because there's no battery in it. I'll be rather upset if it turns out to be DOA!

I recorded the Filkcast - Potterstyle ep on Monday - oi. I hope Delana or Michael edit me a lot...I tend to babble when I'm nervous, and I was NERVOUS. Blah blah blah. And more blah blah. *covers face* It's not up yet on iTunes, and I can't access their MySpace from here. Firewall, of course.

I went and bought all three of Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls CDs. I've been listening to a new podcast linked to PotterFicWeekly called the Pwncast of Wrock (!!), which is Julia and Dan having a lot of fun and playing wizard rock music. Dan says he doesn't fangrrl OBatR, but I'll freely admit that I do. LOL! You don't necessarily have to like HP to like Christian, but it doesn't hurt. Good music, folks. Go listen to the samples.

I've turned the heel on the Blues Jaywalkers, and I've cast on a Twinkle for me. I'm in the Sock Knitters Anonymous January Sockdown! on Ravelry, and am making these Twinkles out of the Scarlet Fleece's "Tubular X2!" yarn I bought before Thanksgiving from Loopy Ewe - the Easter Basket colorway.

Speaking of Loopy Ewe - they're mentioned in VOGUEKnitting! Squee!! They're listed as the North American source for Wollmeise sock yarn, which sells out so fast that the last time Sheri put it on the site, everyone crashed the server! It's a little blurb, but it made me happpyyyy.

Ace of Cakes was on on Thursday, and it amused me that when Duff was talking about how the actors reacted to the cake (omg, the cake. Amazing. Ah. Maze. Ing.), he called Rupert "Ron", but Dan was "Dan". Heheh. I think someone has a 'separation of actor and character' issue! No shots of Emma - I don't remember if she was at the LA premiere or not, but the show was very cool. Duff drove thru St. Louis to get to LA - they showed the Arch from the Poplar Street Bridge as he was crossing into Missouri. Hee! I would have been at work that day - he went right by. *fangrrls*

Okay, enough silliness. Cheers!

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