Friday, March 14, 2008

dh announcement and squeeeeeeeing

Yes, it's been a few days, and Yes, I've been swamped at work. I am trying to not think about the 1600 letters - 7 reams worth - that are sitting on my desk, waiting my folding hands tomorrow. Ugh.


My hyper news this week (besides my new audiobook website) is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released in TWO PARTS!!!!!

*cue me jumping up and down and squeeeeeeing lots*

The LA Times broke the story on March 12, and can be read here, Dan Radcliffe was interviewed by TV Guide and that can be read here (and No, that's not how's he's gonna look in the next movie, that's Dan as Jack Kipling, ca. 1915, and No, that's not a caterpillar attached to his face, Jess), and the PFW forum is all atwitter, as is the one over at The Leaky Cauldron. Everyone (DR, Heyman, etc etc) have all been saying that the movie would have to be very long, because unlike the previous 6 books, you really can't leave anything out of DH. The speculation now is 'where the heck are they going to split it?' Dan was right - there really isn't a definite point to end DH1.

The bad news? Well, we thought DH was going to be released in May 2010, 18 months after HBP (Nov 2008), but that's now been pushed back to DH1 coming out November 2010 and DH2 in May 2011. I don't think I can hold my breath that long.

I'm very excited about all of this!! Bet you couldn't tell. Ha. *bouncebounce*

My other news is that we are tentatively considering going to NY in the fall to see Equus on Broadway. I have read - and I don't remember where, I'll have to double- and triple-check this - that DR will be performing the run from about September 25th thru the beginning of February 2009. D is supposed to do a little digging too - I've never, ever been to NYC, and her mom lives in Manhattan. I have a feeling we'll be invading the Proprietress in November! Squee! A-in-Oz-ATM thinks that I need to go 'hang out at the stage door' or something. I....well, for all my hand-waving over my head, I am not a stalker. These people are PEOPLE, fps, and I just, well, I feel funny intruding on their privacy. Even IF they are actors, and they're there to entertain! I dunno. Thoughts?

Anyway, I DO have some yarn to review, but I need to sleep first. I'll try to post the review tomorrow evening so I can procrastinate cleaning. I'm not having someone install telephony in my house with it looking as it does.

Cheers! (and zzzzz)

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Sue said...

It's not stalking to wait by the stage door after a performance, that's reserved for lurking out in the alley behind their house.