Saturday, March 1, 2008

*is tired*

Just a short post - I'm exhausted, and we've got phone calls coming in like crazy (I am disgusted with HSI. Just sayin'.), and I'm irked with news reporting. *grumbles*

First off, I managed to squeak in my Twinkles for the January Sockdown on Ravelry! Yay! Piccie:

I started these on 25 Jan and finished on 28 Feb. Yarn is Scarlet Fleece, "It's Tubular x2" in Easter Basket. I'm going to have to frog these back a bit, as they look great, but I have large calves! Sooo...they'll either become crew socks or I'll be doing some leg shaping. The foot fits just fine.

*takes another call for video and transfers it* *sigh*

Yahoo posted a 'news headline' about the lawsuit between RDR Publishing and WB/JKR. Personally? I think that RDR was in the wrong, and shouldn't have tried to publish works that were created by fans. I also think that WB has a stick inserted and needs to have it removed. I feel for both JKR and Lexicon in this. And that's all I'm gonna say about this - you can find more information about this crap at Leaky. The thing that irks me is that Yahoo is treating this like it's OMG NEW NEWS! It's not. It goes to *trial* on March 13, but has been in the works since, um, last October? Something like that. Not. New. Get over yourselves, Yahoo.

Lastly, the PFW forum exploded yesterday, but it ended up being rather funny. Ryan 'fired' Jen from her post as Deputy Headmistress, and then 'fired' the Head Boy, replacing him with a "Mysterious Stranger". All hell broke loose! At some point, two of the 'leaders' of the 'opposing armies' pulled out 'lightsabers' and POOF! the Star Wars names emerged. I'm currently Quon-Kis Matt, and I'd say out of the 60 or so people who regularly post to the forum about 40 of us now have 'Star War-ized' names. I'm still dizzy with trying to keep up! hehe!

Anyway, I'm off to lunch. Hopefully we won't be swamped this afternoon (I've taken 11 calls in the last 2.5 hours, and I usually don't take that many ALL DAY) so I can actually get the stuff done that I'm supposed to get done. Bleh.


PS: Cards have won the first 2 spring training games against the Metz - and they play the Marlins today. Woot!

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