Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

Busy a brush with what may have been the flu.

A few yarn arrivals first:
  • 2 50g hanks of 100% superwash merino of Stone Barn Fibers' "Gypsy Girl Creations" in colorway Goblin (leaf green, grass green, black, lilac to amethyst)
  • 1 100g hank of 100% superwash merino of Sunshine Yarns "Twist" in colorway Horcrux (yellow/gold, rust, black, blue, deep emerald green, grey to charcoal) A very Harry color!

I finally finished the knitting on the House Pouch for my spoilee - it's blocking now. It's a little bigger than I thought it was going to be, which is very good. Mine is next! I'm not overly thrilled with fair isle, because I'm afraid I don't 'float' very well. Practice makes perfect.

I've been working on PK's Twinkle Toes using the Fleece Artist yarn she picked out. I may have enough for a pair of crew socks! I'll have to check the weight when I'm finished with the pair.

No progress on the Big Blue - except a new name. It's now Seeker!

Oh the HP front, the fandom is still squeeing about the announcement last week about a 2 part DH. Theories are flying around about where they will split it...lots of opinions. There was an article that Adri on PFW translated for us from Spanish that covered a visit to the set - there was an excerpt that was posted quoting Dan and the fact that the movie appears to revolve around Harry and his ships. ;-) The H/G shipper in me is, as I posted on the forum earlier, dancing around the room with jazz hands! Squeee! Dan says that this movie has a lot more comedy in it than the others - ought to be interesting to see, since we also have a major character death at the end of it.

PotterCast talks about last week's news on Ep #143: Of Two Minds - linked on the sidebar.

My second squee is that Alton Brown is coming to St. Louis on April 27! Yay!! He'll be at a book signing at the Ethical Society in Clayton at 4PM. The link here shows his schedule, but it has the wrong address for the venue here - it's supposed to be 9001 Clayton Rd. Anyway, I think D and I will be standing in line - at least, I will be. The book tour is for his new book, Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run. *g* I'll bet he has to take a detour through Alton, Illinois! Mwhahaha! We all pronounce the town across the river like "AWLton" instead of how AB pronounces his name (ALton), and we'll have to see what he says to that.

Squee #3 is that the Stitch 'N Pitch date has been set for May 28, which is a Wednesday. It had originally been set for April 28, but that changed three days ago. I'm dragging PK along, and I think I'll take a vacation day for it. We're playing Houston! The link for SNP is on the sidebar - there are a lot of dates set, and I'm sure it will be as popular as it was last year. I'm glad that it's earlier in the season - here's hoping that it won't be 96F again.

Well, I think that's all for me. There are a few pics of PK's Twinkles on the Flickr group and the Ravelry site...oh! The HW now have a group on Ravelry, so if you're a SJHW, and you don't have your name on the list for Ravelry yet, get thee to the website! If you're not a SJHW, you should still go. ;-) I created the group so we can have a place to yak about our projects and yarn.

Chapter 17 of AtE is uploaded on the site - subscribe to the feed for the page on the right side. You can use any podcatcher or iTunes. :)


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