Friday, April 17, 2009

omg final full trailer

I am so freaking excited about this movie. I have been in a state of squee all afternoon - and it's now UP for viewing!

*dances around the room* Did you see the Unicorn in Captivity tapestry in front of Ginny when they were holding hands??!!?? w00t!!!!

You can also download various sized versions at Leaky here, and we've discovered that you can do frame-by-frame on Quicktime by using the arrow keys! Raesive and I spend over 30 minutes going thru each frame...and the trailer is only 2:20 long! Was WAY FUN!! In fact, we're STILL picking it to pieces...and Rae has figured out that the guy that Greyback has in his clutches in Diagon Alley is Ollivander! Holy crap!!

PotterCast did a special - or tried to do a special - recording, but Rae said that there were 300+ people in the ustream chat. I'm sure that THAT was an adventure!

Go....look......don't forget to breathe....



Rachel said...

I will not go through it frame by frame. I will not go through it frame by frame. I will not go...oh hell. *goes through it frame by frame* OMG.

Kismatt said...

Wasn't that AWESOME???!!!??? Mwhahah! 74 days to go....!