Thursday, April 16, 2009

oshie for mayor and other chuckles

Okay, in a bit of a better mood than I was two days ago. I'm still miffed at Warner Bros for jerking us around, but I'll get over it.

The Blues lost the first game of a best-of-seven to Vancouver last night *eyes Ang* but they played a good game. They really poured it on in that last minute! Go Blues!!!

On a Blues-related note, someone apparently broke state law by writing in T. J. Oshie for mayor and then taking a picture of the ballot. *rolls eyes at Missouri* Give me a break. I think it's very funny that he was a write-in, considering he's 22 and not FROM Missouri (altho....I've been to Mt. Vernon, WA, where he is from).

Cards are playing Chicago this afternoon - Carpenter is on the DL *sniffs* and they called up two pitchers from Memphis. They're saying he's got a left oblique strain, and that he may be out a while. I remember Woody Williams having the same thing (his was severe, if I recall) and he was out for MONTHS. Sigh. We're on top on the Central, though. 10 games in, and we're 7 and 3. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going!!

I still haven't posted about the yarn I got from DBNY - it's been an up-and-down couple of weeks, but I'll get to it. The Peons recorded another PFW 'cast this week which should be out some time in May, and we should be getting back to our own podcast starting next week.

I've been reading a fic called Away From The Sun by hgfan1111 (aka cibjasfad, aka Andi). It's really, really good. You can access it at Sink Into Your Eyes (edited) and Simply Undeniable (may be edited, login required). I've been reading it off of her LiveJournal, and talked OR!Sue and indirectly Jules into reading it as well. She's also a friend of (the eevil) Ella aka deadwoodpecker, who wrote Yellow Submarine among other things. *prods you into the direction of fic*

I think that's all for right now - there will be a new trailer released tonight, and I'll link/post it here when I get it! There's at least one new clip - Katie Bell being cursed - so we'll see how it looks.


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