Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tweeting and other news

Yes, I have succumbed to Twitter. I don't have much on it yet - no access to it from the work computer (as expected) - but I can text in Tweets. I only signed up for it two days ago and I've already got two followers who I totally don't recognize. I DO have a few that I did recognize - and one of them is making me laugh and laugh! I followed him, and he followed me back. See if you can figure out who it is. ;)

Anyway, I think I'll search for some more once the "Find" function comes back. Apparently Twitter had a meltdown right after I signed up (coincidence? hmmm) and the 'Search for Others' functionality went poof.

This will be more fun once I get the smartphone. Heh heh heh.

I guess I didn't mention in the last post that I never made it to Kansas City over the weekend. No way was I driving through sleet, freezing rain, ice, and snow. KS!D said that they were closing stores on Saturday due to the weather. I'm glad I stayed at home. We got 2 inches here between 3AM and 5 AM - it snowed sideways for a while! - and it was all melted by 8AM. Why can't we have snow like that for Christmas?

My DNBY order arrived, and so I need to shoot, post, review, and stash the yarn. I got two colorways that are very similar! Ah well. NE!Sue, they're in 'my colors'. You'll know what I mean!

Baseball in 6 days. w00t!!! The Blues may make the playoffs this year, too. I know. Cue "*GASP*". They're in Chicago tonight, playing the Blackhawks. Go Blues!

Happy 63rd anniversary, Oma & Opa! I love you.

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone else!! Cheers!

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