Sunday, August 24, 2008

forgive the ramble

I think this is going to be a short post. Or a rambling post. Depends on NBC, actually. I'm watching the late night version of the Olympics, and Men's Volleyball is live, but we're watching the REPLAY of the Men's Mountain Biking. Why? Why can't see watch this AFTER the basketball game?? Sometimes I'm just not sure of the logic. I'm watching the real-time results on the website, and we just tied the Brazilians at one set apiece. Go USA!!

It's been a long week - we have some temps in the office with us working on tickets, and I've started ordering envelopes in groups of 10M instead of 5M. We've been killing trees quite rapidly, trying to work through all the complaints. They're not gonna go away!

I bought the Wonderful Wallaby pattern for Tere - she had been looking for it online, so I went up to Weaving Dept and grabbed a copy. My own copy has scribbles and notes in the margins and all over the pages, so I wasn't going to send that! Bought some yarn too:

  • 1 50g ball of Regia "4 f├Ądig" (Mini Ringel Color) (75% superwash wool/25% polyamide) in colorway Blue Sea (indigo to light sky blue, black). This was an orphan ball and I'll make some footies with it.
  • 1 100g ball Opal "Rainforest 3" (75% superwash wool/25% polyamide) in colorway Kasimir der Draufganger (Kasimir the Daredevil) (all fair-isle effect in red/white, yellow/white, blue/white, pink, yellow, blue)
  • 1 100g ball Universal Yarns "Classic Worsted Tapestry" (80% acrylic, 20% wool) in colorway Rose Garden (dusky rose, pink, fuchsia, orangey-pink, dusky rose/white fair-isle effect). This is for a large BSJ.

Speaking of the BSJ - I finished the BSJ for the Ravelympics! Yay! There are unstitched pics in my Flickr, but here's one:


Awww, isn't it cute?

We went from the mountain bikes to javelin, and now we're watching TABLE TENNIS. *sigh* On the site, it shows that the US is up 2 sets to 1 in Volleyball. I'd MUCH rather be seeing that game. Bet they show it after basketball, at like 4 AM. Meh.

We bought airplane tickets for NYC yesterday. w00t!!! We'll be in NY from evening Thursday (10/9) to early afternoon Monday (10/13). Non-stop, and at a great price. Now I just have to figure out how to pack the carry-on, since neither of us will be checking bags. I'm also going to call the ticket office on Monday, as I haven't seen the tickets yet in the mail, and I'm worried.

*insert 45 minutes of elevator muzak*

We won the gold in men's volleyball! YAY! NBC isn't showing it until 6 PM Sunday night my time! Boo! Everyone's got the Gold Medal Round Men's Basketball game on live right now, including the west coast, and we're leading. Don't think I'm going to last to the end of the game, thought - it's really really late. Or early. Whatever.

Dan Radcliffe will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Monday night, talking about the movie and the play. Rehearsals have started, so he's pretty much based in NY for the next 5 or 6 months. Bet he misses his dogs... Sigh I don't like Conan, but I guess I'll have to suffer. Edit: This might be on Tuesday instead of Monday, Will have to watch to see.

Julia proofed the re-charted blessing for the Challot cover, and I e-mailed Knitters to see if they wanted the corrected version. There was more wrong than an extra aleph! Thank you, Julia!!

Okay, I've just been told to go to bed. So I'm going.


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