Friday, August 1, 2008

teaser thoughts and other mutterings

No yarn! Gee, I must be slipping.

Yet another short, yet steamy fic: Still Life of Summer from the catchmysnitch comm on LJ. Yum.

The post-trailer bliss is still very much in evident - you can load the main page at Leaky now, but many of the teaser-related pages and Melissa's blog are still not loading, or take a very long time. I have yet to read the first half of her report about the TLC set visit in January.

Some of my thoughts on the teaser:
  • Not a lot of Harry. We see gazing-at-memory-vials!Harry, bobbing-for-memories!Harry, running!Harry, and saving-Ron!Harry. That's it.
  • As PS on PFW put it, "Tom: The Movie"! Hero's going to be a wonderful young Tom Riddle. OMG, is he creepy.
  • I want to know why Harry isn't lurking in the background of the memory shots like he did in Goblet.
  • The walls in the orphanage reminded me of the Department of Mysteries. Black black brick.
  • The field scene. Harry running, Ginny apparently standing in shallow water and being disarmed - while wearing a dressing gown (?!) - and the GROWL! OMG. Fenrir Greyback. Has to be the attack on the Burrow. Why was she out there?? As someone on LJ said: if that was Harry running to her rescue, my lil shippy heart's gonna just 'splode.
  • It's Gandalf!Dumbledore whipping up a firestorm! I'm surprised we see Dumbly putting the ring on, though. That was in DH, not HBP.
  • "I can speak to snakes, too...they find me...whisper things..." *shivers*
  • Loved the two lines of dialogue at the end: (Harry) "Did you know, sir...then?" (Dumbledore) "Did I know that I had just met the most dangerous dark wizard of all time? [beat] No."


One of my motorcycle people (Mike! :( ) was in an accident a few days ago - apparently he called PK when he got out of the hospital (!!) to tell her. Some jerk cut him off and then slammed on the brakes. Thankfully, he's not too badly injured and there were eyewitnesses, so his insurance should cover it. He was fairly drugged up when he talked to PK, since he broke the orbital bone around his left eye - he was wearing a halfie - and either his left wrist or forearm or both - she wasn't quite sure. Don't know how badly damaged his ride is, but that bike is a cruiser - not one of those you see flying down the highway at 100 mph - so I hope it's not too bad. He told her that he looks like an alien, since his face is all swollen. *hugs him*

I'm still working on the Challot cover - I'm knitting the middle part as a solid blank and will use Swiss darning on the blessing after I re-graph it.

I'll be staying home this's gonna be 98F on Sunday (ugh) and PK's still in Wisconsin, soooo I think there will be more recording on Battle of Wills. The author joined the forum! Yay!! Or I may go see The Mummy in the afternoon to stay cool. Besides, I want to see the teaser on the BIG screen! W00t!

Alli's going to read this um...later today, but I want to say 'Good Luck!' again. Heee.

I just saw an ad for Feasting on Waves on the Food Network - that was what Alton had just wrapped up before he went on the Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run book tour in April, and right before I got to see him. He was all tanned! Something to look forward to watching in September.

Why do I seem to always be posting at 1AM? *scratches head*


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And why am I reading it at 6 a.m.?

Best wishes to the wounded, glad there were witnesses!