Wednesday, July 30, 2008

no longer holding my breath *squee*

Well, I made it through the day without totally embarrassing myself! I have to say, however, it was oh, so sweet to find out that MSN had a link to the teaser trailer at a quarter of 8, which meant that I could watch it before I left work, and not drive like a maniac to get home to see it.

Here are a load of places to see it, in various formats and accessibilty (apparently a couple of these are US-only, sorry!):
  1. MSN (URL at the end shows the address)
  2. AOL's Moviefone (US-only, I think, but OMG, HD versions. *flails*)
  3. The Leaky Cauldron's Video Gallery (downloadables for WMP and iPod!)
  4. Sionwitch's YouTube page
  5. Stills - Screencaps from the 1080 HD version on hbpmoviepics LJ
  6. HD versions at TrailerSpotting (LJ) - added thanks to Sel

This is (apparently) the teaser trailer, and runs 1:29, so apparently there will be the "full" trailer that will be longer - and that we may not see until September. Alas.

I can't express how excited I am with this movie! I don't want to blink watching the preview. Same way I was with the long version of OotP.

And just because I can, here's another short fic that I found tonight that I's called Same Old Tricks, rated a mild 'M' for language and some inuenndo, if you know what I mean. Ahem. it's off of the catchmysnitch comm on LiveJournal.

Heh. I wonder what the PotterCast live show was like with the trailer being released right in the middle of it!

Off to dream about movies....cheers!

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