Tuesday, July 29, 2008

taking a deep breath

Just a short post today...a little HP news and some yarn to talk about.

From Hobby Lobby (I was looking for the Sock-Ease in Red Hots but they didn't have it....grr):

  • 2 50g balls Patons "Stretch Sock" (41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon, 7% elastic) in colorway Olive (green, dark green, rust, burgundy, orange, yellow gold)
  • 2 50g balls Patons "Kroy Sock" (75% washable wool, 25% nylon) in colorway Mulberry Stripes (pale pink, hot pink, chocolate brown, country blue, black/white dot). This is a self-striping yarn, and is brighter in person that it is in the picture. It sorta reminded me of a Ginny color. Something she would wear. Dunno.
  • 1 5oz ball Yarn Bee "Boucle Traditions" (90% acrylic, 10% polyester) in colorway Naturals (black, grey, brown, tan, white) for a scarf. I can't seem to find a pic for this, so I'll be linking one in a later post.

I have frogged the entire middle section of the Challah cloth. I ran the braid out to the end of the ball I was knitting it off of, and have re-started the center part. I think this time I'm going to stitch the blessing on it with duplicate stitch.

How weird is it that I'm watching Good Eats - Alton is making a standing lamb roast using a bundt pan to cook the roast - and for some reason all I can think of is the fact that that pan won't be kosher now...?

I found a few HP fics that I thought should be recommended, even though they're nowhere near the 50K mark that I have in the "Books Read 2008" sidebar. The first one is called Solving the Clues, and is very clever. The second one is probably the first post-DH fic written (it was posted in the early evening of July 21, 2007) and is called Interlude. There's one particular paragraph that totally choked me up. Choked Harry up, too. See if you can find it.

I've decided that the next 'gotta start' project is going to be a Baby Surprise Jacket (thank you, Sue) made out of "Sweet Delight Baby" in the Ladybug colorway. Now I just need to unearth some US7s - I know there are some around here somewhere.

In HP news, please note that I am calm, cool, and collected.

*waits a beat*

*cue jumping up and down*

The HBP trailer is going to be released TODAY! Squee! According to several places (including the Teaser Trailer site and Leaky), AOL will be streaming the trailer on Tuesday, July 29.

Now I just have to remember to breathe.

The author of Harry Potter and The Battle of Wills (Jocelyn) has graciously given permission for Scott, Dan and I to record her fanfic and post it for download. If you're interested, you can download the work-in-progress (the fic is done, the recording is not) at my site, and come chat with the rest of us in the Reading Group on PFW!

Lisa, you've been gone forever. Comic-Con is over, there was much squeeing and (more) jumping up and down (not by me so much) and people are now recovering. I'll be happy when you're back online with us in chat! I've missed ya.

Okay. I think I need to go to bed....soonish.

EDIT: I forgot, I wanted to add this to the post from today:

The 'alt text' is "I'd like to see more damage assessments for hurricanes hitting New York and flooding Manhattan -- something like the 1938 Long Island Express, but aimed a bit more to the west. It's just a matter of time." *diez* I loved the TRON reference, too....


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