Thursday, July 3, 2008

twinkle twinkle little sock

Another drive-by post. No, you're not delirious.

Loopy has the Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn up on her site! I am eyeing this one, and this one, and maybe this one. Or this one. *sigh* Decisions, decisions. The yarn looks pricey, but take a look at the yardage. It's for 437yards, 5.3oz. 5.3!! Wow.

I think I missed the Wollmeise, though. Alas. I think I'm going to have to be a Groupie and get the Sneak-Ups to snag one of those.

I am making yet another pair of Twinkles, with the Comfort yarn this time. I've already ripped and restarted since yesterday, and they look pretty good! Here's a close up (more at my Flickr)


I think I like the yarn! It sorta looks like a cotton, (it's a little splitty like cotton can be) but feels like...I'm not sure. Almost silky smooth.

We finally finally FINALLY got more photos for HBP! About frickin' time! The articles are on Leaky (most with pics), and are:

According to the USAToday article, there was a 'near miss' snog - that's new! I think two of the guys I sit close to at work are hinting at wanting to go to the midnight showing in November (yes, I know, it's 140 days away. Deal!), and Scott want me to smuggle him to NYC in my suitcase - or at least take a video camera with me. I don't think so!!!!! I have noooo wish to get tossed out of the theatre.

I've been commissioned to read a WIP in the Dangerverse. Ought to be interesting! I may have a few more on the 'to-do' pile as well.

Okay, that's enough of a drive-by from me. Have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday if you live in the US!


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Sue said...

The Wollmeise hasn't gone up yet; at least I haven't seen anything posted yet at the Ravelry group and no sneak-up notice in my inbox. Sheri does the Wollmeise ones separately now without a lot of notice, due to the hub-bub.