Friday, July 18, 2008

i was attacked, i swear...

Never go to a craft store and 'accidentally' walk past the clearance rack. I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they'd received any "Sock-Ease" (they had!) and walked out with 16 - SIXTEEN - balls of yarn. Most of it was a buck or so each, but still! Oh, and Hobby Lobby sellers? Two things. Firstly, if you're going to send a new sock yarn to a store, make sure you send enough of each color to MAKE A PAIR OF SOCKS. The new Red Heart "Heart and Sole" yarn is only 50g, and they sent one of about 6 different colors to the store. *rolls eyes* I mean, come on. Luckily, the LB yarn is 100g, which is enough for a pair of socks. Secondly, if you are going to carry sock yarn, you also need to carry the needles for it. The smallest circ or DPNs they carry? US4. Hellooooo....

I can see that I'm going to have to take pics of the Yarn Bee yarns - there are very few shots of it online (according to Google). I'll post the haul here, and when I get the pics taken I'll update the links.

  • 1 100g ball Lion Brand yarn "Sock-Ease" (75% wool/25% nylon, finished with aloe vera) in colorway Toffee (brown, olive, orange, yellow)
  • 1 4oz ball Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Baby" (60% acrylic/40% polymide) in colorway Giggles Ombre (yellow, pink, orange, green)
  • 4 4oz balls Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Baby" (60% acrylic/40% polymide) in colorway Ladybug Ombre (light red, sky blue, very light pink, charcoal)
  • 2 4oz balls Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Baby" (60% acrylic/40% polymide) in colorway Baby Camo (tan, light to forest green, brown)
  • 1 3.5oz ball Yarn Bee "Featherwisp" (100% nylon) in colorway Tempting (blue, rust, olive green, yellow)
  • 1 3.5oz ball Yarn Bee "Airy" (100% nylon) in colorway Royal (bright amethyst)
  • 1 3.5oz ball Yarn Bee "Paradox" (49% acrylic, 40% nylon, 9% polyester, 2% spandex) in colorway Wild Night (black core with rainbow twist, hot pink eyelash)
  • 5 3oz balls Yarn Bee "Intrigue" (57% polymide, 43% Lurex glitter) in 5 different colors: Bunny (blush pink), True Love (dark red), Rouge (lipstick red), Blushing (blush bronze), and Midnight (deep blue)
  • 1 4oz hank Scarlet Fleece "Totally Tubular x2" (80% merino, 20% nylon) in colorway Painted Desert (rust to deep black-brown, dusty blue-grey to deep teal, dusty pinks) from Loopy.
  • 1 100g hank of Spindle City Yarns "SCY" (75% superwash, 25% nylon) in colorway Copper Pot (verdigris green to olive, sky blue to deep blue, red rust to medium burgundy), also from Loopy. Yummy yarn.

My Loopy Ewe Order #3 present was a mini red sock kit! It's so cute. I may have to make that this weekend. I have another hank of yarn, but it's a surprise. *waves to Teh Sue*

Jim is doing fine as far as I know - he still doesn't want visitors, and Mom hasn't called me (I specifically told her to if she needed anything, like to be kidnapped or something), so I'm clueless on the recovery front.

I picked up and worked on Seeker a bit yesterday - I'm past the increases on sleeve #2, so I have about 4 inches of 'straight' knitting in pattern before the armpit and raglan decreases.

I'm catching up on my podcasts again - I got behind while listening to the Born In series - and sooo want to send Violet a hank of the fibraNATURA yarn that I found at Kirkwood Knittery in the Seattle Skies colorway. She's nutz about the PNW. Who else would buy ROCKS from there??

Latest rumor about the HBP trailer is that it might might might be attached to the newest Mummy movie. *sigh* At this point, I don't care. I just want to seeeee.

There's a new promo pic - this one is from EW, and looks like it's the Felix Felicis potion. :) The covers for the calendar and sticker books are out too (here, here and here). The same pose that was used for the Opal Yarn poster is on the cover of the calendar - and I STILL don't think it looks like Dan. It just doesn't. *shrug* I can't put my finger on it. The first link for the sticker books doesn't look like him, either. The second and the third ones are him, though. They all look.....I dunno. Photoshopped.

Scott (the Hufflepuff King), Dan (the Pwncast of Wrock guy/aspiring broadcaster dude) and me (*cough*) are collaborating on a new audiobook. The PFW Reading Group is discussing Jocelyn's Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills and Scott had the brilliant idea to record it. We're still waiting for actual posting permissions from the author (hope that Hotmail account still works!) and we'll be trading off the chapters. 51 in all, which will break down to 17 for each of us.

I desperately need to edit and upload the next chapter or three of AtE, too.

The American League beat the National Leage on Tuesday in the longest All-Star Game on record: 4 hours and 50 minutes. 15 innings. the NL lost, and someone needs to nominate Uggla (from FL) as the Least Valuable Player. 3 errors. THREE! Meh.

I think I've wound down now - it's going to be very hot this weekend, so I'll either be staying inside where it's cool, or I'll be out for a drive. I'm thinking the former, as the A/C in the car is kaput.


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