Saturday, August 2, 2008

a h/g top ten, reccs, and links

Because I found this last night and had to post it. This was posted to StMargaret's LJ right after HBP hit the shelves (3 years ago!?! Wow.) and is still applicable:

Top Ten Reasons for the H/G Ship

1. Because it's canon. (Do you know how *satisfying* it is to say that?)
2. Because Ginny has loved Harry fiercely in season and out of season.
3. Because Harry deserves to be loved fiercely.
4. Because Ginny is the type of girl who deserves a second look - even at age ten.
5. Because Harry realized that Ginny deserved a second look at age eleven.
6. Because Red hair and black hair look good together on a pillow.
7. Because Ginny loves her family and so does Harry.
8. Because Harry is the *only* man good enough for the Weasley brothers's sister.
9. Because their kisses last for several sunlit days.
10. Because Ginny lets Harry be Harry - even when he's sooo wrong to break up.

If you like H/G or R/Hr, you'll like this author. She has a list of stories at Sink Into Your Eyes (aka SIYE) that I highly recommend - in fact, one of the longer fics is listed in the Books Read 2008 list (Magic Within, Magic Without). Check out the "Wallpaper" stories - I originally found those (and devoured them) at the SugarQuill, and still go back and re-read them. They're cute!

Leaky linked a "Photo Call" from - I think these are some of the shots that will be used for advertising Equus in New York. I also think that I'm a perv for drooling over someone who is half my age. How can I be a prude and a dirty 'old' lady at the same time? I'm so confused. I do have a thing for arms...and shoulders...and he's filled out quite nicely. Guh. Yum.


It's not going to be oven-hot tomorrow after all - I think the front that was supposed to possibly cool us off did arrive, and now the rest of the weekend looks nice. Tuesday, on the other hand, doesn't, and that's not good because I, the office person, will be riding along with a field tech all day. In the 97F heat. Goodie.

Air fare to New York is horrible. I'm just sayin'.

Hey, look! It's not 1 AM! *cough*

Back to work...cheers!!

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Sue said...

Yeah, you just have to suck up the cost of the air fare. But the end result will be so worth it!