Thursday, August 28, 2008

sneaks in

Lisa's gonna kill me, I told her I was going to long time ago? and I'm still up. Shhh. Just a few little quickies.

First off, thanks to Teh Sue, I got Wollmeise!!!! *does the happydance* It should be here tomorrow! squee!! I'll post about it in a day or so.

Secondly, Dan was cute if not a little fuzzy on Conan on Monday (yes, it was Monday, not Tuesday, oh Whoops.). He talked about how New Yorkers know their theatre - he apparently got lost one morning going out for a run, and had to stop and ask for directions back home, and the guy he asked knew he was going to be in Equus. I wonder how many people went out early the next morning to see if they could spot Harry Potter out for a jog. More on the interview when I'm more awake.

(aside: my TV is on Good Eats and it's frozen. The picture ON the TV, not the TV. I'm looking at a still shot of Alton talking into the refrigerator cam with his mouth open. It's making me laugh!)

Thirdly (and finally), I've been reading LiveJournal (insert gasps here) and I'm .... well, yes, enthralled by a WIP on a new LJ community, hg_silverlining. The story I'm reading is called Yellow Submarine, and is an AU H/G story. There are only three parts posted so far (a prologue and two chapters), but it's really got me sucked in. I'll probably be posting more about it as it is updated.

Not much more going on - someone had the bright idea of getting me my own laser printer at work to print letters, and we futzed around with it today to get it to print duplex. It was a bear, because not all the letters are the same length due to the information on the third page. Some of them are front-and-back on pages three and four, but most are not. Ugh. Now the real fun starts...print/fold/stuff! Whee! Maybe now we can actually process more complaints per day than we get per day. What a concept. Trust me, I am not belittling anyone, but we've received so many more complaints than we did last year, it's not even funny. I'm talking double. So far this year, we've received more complaints as of July 15th than we did all of last year. At this rate, we'll have had an increase of about 275%. And we're handling it with less staff. I think my new nickname is going to be "TreeKiller" for all the paper (yes, it's recycled) I'm using.

I started yet another BSJ - this time in the Sweet Baby Delight Giggles Ombre. It's crayon bright but very cute. I think this one is for Jen! She's having a boy! Yay!!!

*jumps* The TV just unfroze and startled me. It's been frozen for almost a half an hour!

Crawling off to bed now. Cheers!

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Sue said...

My co-worker told me today her three and a half year old daughter is in love with Harry! (She has him confused with Peter Pan though and calls him Peter Potter). She somehow saw part of the first movie, demanded to see the rest of it and then sat through the entire second movie! The snakes and spiders didn't have scare her off. I think you'll have some competition for Harry from Rylee. ;-)